RR mAX Pay

Reach new markets with RR mAX Pay!

RR mAX Pay is an integrated solution developed by Retail Realm that enhances and extends the out-of-the-box Retail functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX™. It not only meets more functional requirements of existing AX customers but it also provides additional built-in features and functionality, giving you more visibility, scalability and options for both the Enterprise POS and Modern POS – wherever, whenever – across the globe.

Available for resale only through certified Dynamics AX Partners, RR mAX Pay maximizes the AX solution in retail and helps you increase your sales, support customers, attract more prospects, and reach new markets, especially in groceries and supermarkets!

AX Payment processing

In order for retailers to meet the needs and expectations of the constantly evolving retail industry needs, solutions that are scalable, reliable and secure are key. Integrated payment allows for more efficient checkout, an optimized secure environment, and contributes to eliminating fraud and human error. Consequently, Retail Realm has now certified several payment systems, and is EMV compatible.

Our current Canadian partners are Global Payment, Moneris and TD.

Mobility Bundle

With RR mAX Pay you can extend AX's back office functionality with mobile technology. It works on any mobile device running Windows 8 and up.

Inventory Lookup at POS

Instant Item Visibility in the Store
RR mAX Pay enables customers to view item availability not just in the back office but also at the POS. It uses real-time services to always display current item availability at stores, and allows for access detailed matrix information with unlimited dimensions at the POS.

Label Designer

Print Labels at the Store with Flexible, Graphical Designer
RR mAX Pay provides a robust Label Designer to let you create labels in desired graphical formats. Easily print Product and Shelf labels in customizable displays incorporating everything from barcodes and QR codes, to item images on labels.

Weights & Measures

Ideal for Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
RR mAX Pay received Weights & Measurements certification giving your grocery store customers complete item weight accuracy and pricing at the POS.

  • Display multiple digits after the decimal (4 or 6) both on the label and the customer receipt
  • Manage variable tare weights at the POS for various item sizes
  • Print the base unit of measure, total item weight and new calculate total
  • Meet all government standards for pole display data

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