Food and Beverage

Your culinary art invites your customers to indulge in epicurean delight, elevating them to a level of profound happiness. Whether you offer your clients comfort on-the-go meals, hand crafted coffees, or elaborate full course feasts, Texo has the right point of sale solution to offer a seamless payment experience to your content patrons.

We want to contribute to making your experience as easy and user-friendly as possible. Texo’s POS solution for restauration businesses allows you to take orders, send them directly to the kitchen, indicate special requests and food allergies, amend orders, and offer separate cheques. Cheers to the new most efficient POS solution!

We are retail specialists

At Texo, we know that each of our clients’ retail business is unique, and evolves in an increasingly competitive market. The choice of a POS solution that is customized to each of our customers’ reality is an important factor of success in the field.

We stay away from cookie cutter IT solutions, simply because we believe that offering you highly personalized service is the key to understanding your business and contributing to its success. We are here to analyze your individual situation, understand your hopes and dreams for your company, and setup the right system to optimize your growth. Your hard work deserves to be supported by our state of the art Microsoft software. Whether you retail from a single location, manage several branches, are a strictly online retailer or strive to offer a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to your clientele, Texo has the right POS solution to help you reach your full potential.

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