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We understand how your passion for fashion is what drives you to offer the most exclusive shopping experience to your fashionista clientele. Although a style can become outdated in the blink of an eye, your point of sale system must be a long term partner that supports the constantly evolving needs of your business.

Invest your time in carefully selecting the trendiest apparel and accessories for your boutique, and let Texo take care of providing you with the most reliable and easily customizable POS solution.

Exceed your clients’ expectations with an outstanding customer service, using our pre-customized solution for the fashion industry. Our retail POS solutions are equipped with specific features for retailers such as interfaces linked to industry suppliers, integration with raising software, built-in support for gift cards, and an extensive CRM (customer relationship module) that will help you reach and market to your customers more efficiently.

Texo’s retail POS solutions will enhance your business management, and allow you to handle your fast changing inventory, thus be ahead of your competitors.

We are retail specialists

At Texo, we know that each of our clients’ retail business is unique, and evolves in an increasingly competitive market. The choice of a POS solution that is customized to each of our customers’ reality is an important factor of success in the field.

We stay away from cookie cutter IT solutions, simply because we believe that offering you highly personalized service is the key to understanding your business and contributing to its success. We are here to analyze your individual situation, understand your hopes and dreams for your company, and setup the right system to optimize your growth. Your hard work deserves to be supported by our state of the art Microsoft software. Whether you retail from a single location, manage several branches, are a strictly online retailer or strive to offer a seamless omnichannel shopping experience to your clientele, Texo has the right POS solution to help you reach your full potential.

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