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Five Reasons to Choose a Cloud-based Point of Sale System
October 6, 2019
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March 25, 2020
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Case Study: How did a successful ERP implementation significantly improve business for Montreal-based Qhousekids

This case study details the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP, SalesPad Mobile, and Magento by TEXO, a Montreal-based IT consulting company for Qhousekids.

Problem Statement

About Qhousekids

Qhousekids is a baby and children’s products and quality toys wholesaler. It has served the Canadian market for the past 20 years, distributing high-end kids’ merchandise to independent stores. It currently sells 2500 products of 18 different brands to 1000 Canadian stores.


Qhousekids experienced such fast growth that their infrastructure, systems, and processes could not keep up. The company’s invoicing software was no longer able to sustain their operations.


Qhousekids started their search for a consulting company to help them manage their development. They were hoping to find a local company to serve their Montreal West Island Headquarters.

Finding the Right Partner

Why choose Texo?

It was important for Qhousekids to hire a local company that would accompany them in expanding their business processes in a sustainable manner. Texo is a Montreal-based solution-oriented provider of retail and financial software. Their consultants were, therefore, present onsite and online when necessary. Texo’s expertise and Qhousekids’ hands-on approach were a perfect match, allowing for a rapid and seamless transition to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Solution Roadmap

Four implementations have shaped Qhousekids’ operations and allowed the company to evolve and succeed in the retail industry:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • SalesPad
  • I95 Dev’s Magento Integration
  • SalesPad Mobile

Results speak for themselves:

  • Improved way to service customers
  • Improved inventory visibility
  • Simple and instant access to both the status of an order and customer information
  • User-Friendly

Solution 1 – Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides Qhousekids with:

  • Accounting functionality, up to and including financial statement preparation
  • Customer balances
  • Vendor balances
  • Stock overview and price
  • Price updates
  • Product description
  • Categories

Solution 2 – SalesPad

Earlier on, the company’s financial management rested solely on Microsoft Dynamics GP. The implementation of SalesPad significantly enhanced Qhousekids’ inventory management experience. Earlier on, the company’s financial management rested solely on Microsoft Dynamics GP. The implementation of SalesPad significantly enhanced Qhousekids’ inventory management experience. SalesPad is the optimal product for SMBs like Qhousekids. The CRM module proved to be very efficient to manage and improve customer relationships at a scale that is ideal for the company.

Solution 3 – Magento Integration

Following the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Salespad, Qhousekids faced another opportunity to enhance their processes. Prior to the online integration, orders were placed by the clients using fax and telephone, and Qhousekids’ employees needed to enter each requisition manually. This was not only very time consuming, but it meant that a sale was lost if one item was missing.

In order to offer a service in line with the store owners’ and managers’ reality, i95 Dev proceeded to integrate Qhousekids’ Magento online store to the existent Microsoft Dynamics GP system. The resulting simplicity of online orders has been a significant upgrade for the retailer. I95 Dev’s Magento integration now allows Qhousekids to upsell and cross-sell automatically instead of losing sales. The next arrival date of a missing item is given to the employees by Microsoft Dynamics GP, leaving no gap in the sales cycle.

Solution 4 – SalesPad Mobile

The new addition of SalesPad Mobile to Qhousekids’ system meant even more convenience and growth potential for the company. SalesPad Mobile allows employees to access the inventory, create new orders, perceive payments, and view and update customer information remotely. This implementation has significantly improved Qhousekids business in trade shows. Employees can proceed to create sales documents directly from the SalesPad Mobile application on their phone, efficiently closing sales within seconds.


« The Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation was an investment in a system that offered more than what we (Qhousekids) needed at the time. Partnering with Texo was the first step in allowing Qhousekids to grow into its current business model.
Texo’s consulting team is always close by and easily accessible when needed, they do not hesitate to come onsite when we require a more personal intervention. The team’s response time is short, which is so valuable to us.
For all of these reasons, and with the objective of pursuing our growth path, we highly recommend doing business with Texo. »
-Gaelle Everard

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